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Free Watch: City Of Heroes

Spider-Man isn't in it for the money!  Wealth and fame, he's ignored.  Action is his reward, and the same is true for the developers of City of Heroes.  The Super-powered MMO has gone Free-to-play with the newly launched City Of Heroes Freedom!

Of course, you still have the option of giving the nice people who make this game some of your money.  You'll be able to purchase "Paragon Points" using real-world money, and you can then spend your points on costume pieces and animations, including the items that were previously available in "Booster Packs" which could only be bought with real-world money. 

Aside from cosmetic items, players will also be able to buy locked power sets, "Archetypes" (CoH's word for "Class") and special abilities in-game.

In addition to this store, there is a subscription model that will allow players access to almost everything everything in the game, and the fifteen-dollar a month fee will provide 400 free Paragon Points every month.  There's also a VIP server for people who pay the monthly fee, so they can fight crime without a bunch of tourists in tights running around.  You can see more about the new Free-to-play model at Freedom's website.


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