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Free Watch: Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment has dabbled a bit in the free-to-play business model before, with the microtransaction model forEverquest 2 last August. Apparently, it worked quite well, since SOE has transferred the business model to the upcoming MMO, Planetside 2.

SOE President John Smedley revealed the news in an interview with the Chinese website, 17173.com. While he said that Planetside 2 will indeed be free-to-play, Smedley said that the exact form of free-to-play it will be in is still being worked out. However, Smedley mentioned that he is a fan of Riot Games' form of free-to-play micro-transaction profit, found in League of Legends. In League of Legends, you can buy cosmetic upgrades and items, which have no effect on the gameplay whatsoever. 

Sony Online Entertainment's CEO also addressed Planetside 2's beta plans. Public testing should begin in early 2012, though Smedley conditioned that by saying "It's ready when it's ready and we're proud of it."
The MMO shooter has always been an interesting, if not always engaging genre, with experiments such as Global AgendaAPB, andCrimeCraft. Like other MMO shooters, Planetside 2 will have leveling which awards new weapons and vehicles as players progress.Planetside 2's release date is TBA, and we'll be sure to post more news on it as it comes. 


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