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No Friday Night Lights Movie For You!

20110914_615_brittonchandler For those of you hoping to revisit your favorite Friday Night Lights characters in a motion picture, I’m sorry to shut down all your hopes and dreams. Peter Berg himself addressed the issue straight on and there is no uncertainty or ambiguity in his response. Straight from the creator’s mouth, “There’s not gonna be a movie,” Berg told Collider.com. “We talked about it, some people thought it was a good idea, some didn’t; I’ve come to believe it’s probably not a good idea and I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen.” Ouch, a million little FNL fans’ hearts broke as Berg uttered those words. Though some people involved in the show (Connie Britton, and EP Jason Katims) had previously voiced interest in reviving the beloved show in movie form, there was never a concrete plan for a future project. Berg’s statement pretty much puts any potential film rumbling to rest. While we would have loved to enjoy some more time with Mr. and Mrs. Coach, if the series’ creator is not invested in bringing it back, then it is probably better to leave the story alone. Friday Night Lights was undoubtedly one of the best network dramas in recent and all-time television and thanks to the power of online streaming sites and DVDs we can indulge in the five fantastic seasons of the football-centric show as many times it takes to forget about this whole movie ordeal. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


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