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Fringe Casting News and Other Tidbits From Comic-Con 2011

Joshua Jackson made an unexpected appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con a couple of weeks ago. The presence of the unannounced panel member reassured fans who were starting to consider the possibility of his departure from the regular cast of Fringe.

Jackson appeared at the panel wearing an observer suit – purportedly sent to him by a member of the crew  and that, of course, fueled even more speculations on what role Peter will have in the new world of Fringe he himself has remodeled.

The executive producers and the cast excluding Jackson were fresh off from the filming of episode 4.01 ("A Sort of Homecoming") in Vancouver. New to the panel this year was Seth Gabel (Agent Lincoln Lee) who is now a series regular.

Very little could be gleaned from the panel and the Comic-Con interviews on what is to come in season four, except that Astrid will have a gun and Nina Sharp might have a darker role. Raise your hands, those of you who are surprised by the latter (mine's resolutely down)...

Fringe will return on Fox on September 23.


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