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Fringe Going Back to the Future

Fringe show-runner Jeff Pinker has confirmed that new episodes in the upcoming fourth season of the sci-fi drama will return to the future. In the show’s acclaimed third season finale, Peter (Joshua Jackson) was erased from history after traveling to a dystopian future world and subsequently altering the universe with the power at his disposal.

"The future that we saw in 2026 will now not have happened, because by altering the past, inevitably you set in motion a new chain of events that lead to a different future," Pinkner told TV Guide. The executive producer also revealed that the fourth season of Fringe will include more glimpses into the past.

"There will definitely be flashback episodes, but the past would be different as well because Peter wasn't a part of it," he said. Joshua Jackson recently hinted that Peter will be "a changed man" when he returns to Fringe, while co-star Jasika Nicole has promised that an upcoming episode will focus on her character Astrid.

The fourth season begins on Friday, September 23 at 9/8c on Fox.


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