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Fringe Season Five?!

Fox President Kevin Reilly gave a glimmer of hope to fans of sci-fi drama Fringe that a fifth season is a possibility. Reilly, a speaker at the Television Critics Association press tour, commented by saying "These guys have been doing extraordinary work and then it was really one of the great victories for us last season." 

He also added, "One of the good things about having a strong network is that you can support creative shows that deserve to be on the air." While admitting low ratings, Reilly acknowledged that the show will move to Friday nights. "As much as we were cheering the rejuvenation of American Idol, we were cheering the Friday night victory for Fringe. I don't expect Fringe to grow [ratings-wise]. It's a complex show."

In addition, he said "The fact that the audience was so loyal that they stayed with it is great... We welcome any viewer that wants to get in. There are ways to catch up on it! You really should! It's interesting. These things are on the air and then sometimes three years later somebody goes, 'You know what's a great show?!' And people do discover them down the line."

Praise aside, when asked about the potential for a fifth season Reilly added, "I don't expect explosive growth, but if Fringe can perform the way it did last year then we'll be really happy. And then we'll see where we are in May. But again, they're right in the pocket creatively. These guys are just really, really good."

If the ratings hold, the show has a very good shot at coming back. The fourth season pick-up was a big surprise and loyal fans may be rewarded with another season.

The fourth season of Fringe premieres on Fox September 23rd.



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