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Full Vita Details at Tokyo Game Show

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony plans on revealing the full details of the PlayStation Vita.

While the price and core features were mentioned and demoed in limited form at this year's E3, at TGS this year we will get to see what the handheld is truly capable of and hopefully get some more info on the line-up of launch titles.  I'm personally already fine with the price and the absurd amount of features are some good selling points but I would certainly like to know how exactly a lot of them will be used by games, and more importantly what those initial games will be.

I still feel somewhat burned by my last experience with a Sony portable device. I was one of the early adopters of the original PSP and while it was fun for a few months, it definitely didn't have a lasting appeal, and this was primarily due to the lack of quality titles released for the platform.  A handheld lives and dies by its exclusives, the 3DS being a recent example of a portable game device underperforming due to terribly lacking support from developers or even Nintendo themselves.  Here's hoping Sony has learned from their past mistakes and the Vita ends up being a gaming device anyone could be happy owning.


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