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Fuller House Trailer, Theme Song and Premiere Date

Netflix recently released the first trailer for its Full House reboot, Fuller House. It is already the most viewed Netflix original trailer, according to Variety. The preview shows the iconic Full House set, updated a bit with a modern and feminine twist. The only character shown is a puppy that resembles Comet, the Tanner family's golden retriever from the original series. The trailer also reveals that the show's premiere date will be February 26. The revival will include the original Full House cast with the exception of the Olsen twins, who played the youngest Tanner daughter, Michelle. The storyline will center around DJ Tanner who was recently widowed. She now has two boys with a baby on the way and has moved into her family’s old house to raise her kids with the help of old friend Kimmy Gibbler and her sister, Stephanie Tanner, according to TVLine. It was also recently announced that Carly Rae Jepsen will be singing the Fuller House theme song. Carly Rae Jepsen tweeted that she teamed up with Butch Walker to redo the theme song for Fuller House’s opening credits. crj Are you excited to see the Tanner family return to Netflix? Watch the first trailer below!
(Featured Image via Netflix)


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