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Further Details On World Of Darkness MMO

It's been a few years since EVE Online developer CCP merged with pen and paper RPG gaming company White Wolf, and at this years Grand Masquerade (an event for White Wolf's World of Darkness property) more details have been given about the upcoming World of Darkness MMO.

The MMO is set in the World of Darkness and while players begin as a human character, they will have the option to become a vampire and join one of the different vampire clans that operate in the world (CCP also confirmed that the game is entirely playable as a human and players won't be forced to become a vampire). CCP also confirmed that the game will have a social focus and also feature permadeath, much like CCP's other MMORPG EVE Online. The game is also confirmed to have no day/night cycle(It's always night in the World of Darkness) and players will have to balance humanity points once they become a vampire.

For those who haven't heard of the franchise before, World of Darkness is much closer to True Blood than Twilight.This isn't the first time White Wolf's popular RPG property has entered the world of video games: last time it produced the cult classic RPG Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines. It'll be interesting to see if CCP can deliver on this in a similiar, if not better, way.


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