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‘G.I. Joe’ Sequel Nabs D.J. Cotrona and RZA

Although G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was met with negative response from the critics, the general public ate it up. As it so happens, a sequel is in the works with leading man Channing Tatum set to reprise the role of Duke, as are several other actors from “Cobra.”

However, the sequel to “Rise of Cobra” isn’t content to just bring back familiar faces. Elodie Young and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have officially joined the cast as new additions to the “G.I. Joe” universe, but two more actors may be stepping on board. D.J. Cotrona from the television series 1-8-7 and rapper RZA are currently negotiating for roles in the sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter
’s Heat Vision blog relays that if negotiations go as planned, Cotrona and RZA will play the beret-wearing, shotgun-wielding Flint and a martial arts expert called the Blind Master, respectively.

The “Rise of Cobra” follow-up is currently slated to hit theaters on August 10, 2012.


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