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Galaxy Note 8.0 Set to be Revealed

The growing giant Samsung is close to revealing a new tablet from the Galaxy Note bloodline. According to reports, Samsung is about to show the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 next month at their event in Barcelona. Samsung has been quiet when it comes to giving early details of the upcoming device. There are no confirmed specs about the pricing and features of the sure to be great tablet but supposedly the Galaxy Note 8.0 will priced rather high, about $520. So the Galaxy Note 8.0 will be fairly expensive when it hits the market but more than likely it is well worth the price.

Notice that this supposed Galaxy Note 8.0 is well above the iPad at retail price which is $329. Under usual circumstances the first projected price is a placeholder until the product actually drops on the market and retailers can reveal the original number. If this price tag does happen to be right, Samsung must have optimistic hopes if they plan to make profit and earn public favor. Even with their great advances and challenges to the early standing cell phone juggernaut in Apple, overpricing loyal customers can bring down an empire.


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