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Game of Thrones Casting News

The HBO adaption of George R.R. Martin's ongoing fantasy series has been bringing in new actors to fill the roles of characters that will be introduced in the second season. Several roles have been filled so far; a couple of them are fan favorites, and at least one them will have a major impact on the series. Though there are many well-known actors, Game of Thrones has proven it can pull impressive performances from unexpected places.

First up was Gwendoline Christie, who was tapped a couple weeks ago to play Brienne. Mocked as “Brienne the Beautiful” for her decidedly unattractive features, she serves Renly Baratheon, the late King Robert's younger brother. The actress is probably most notable for her frame, which puts her at over six feet tall.

Next came the simultaneous announcement of who would be playing Stannis Baratheon and his sorceress counselor, Melisandre. Stephen Dillane was brought in to play Robert's other brother, and the man with the best claim to the Iron Throne, while Dutch actress Carice van Houten was called on to play the seductive prophetess.

Announced just after Stannis and Melisandre was another character who is well loved amongst the books' fans. Davos Seaworth also serves under Stannis as a knight. The former smuggler will be played by Irish actor Liam Cunningham.

Game of Thrones had already seen commercial success for its first season, and with its recent Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama, the buzz around the series has only increased.


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