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Game of Thrones casts Jim Broadbent for Season 7

Oscar winner Jim Broadbent has been cast for mysterious Game of Thrones role, according to Variety. The role in question has been kept under wraps by HBO, but they have previously stated that it will be “significant”, according to Entertainment Weekly. Credit: 20th Century Fox Broadbent to best known for his roles in Moulin Rouge!, the Harry Potter films, Gangs of New York, and Cloud Atlas. The upcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones is shrouded in mystery now that the show has surpassed George R. R. Martin’s novels and the showrunners are being very secretive about the identities of new characters. HBO has confirmed that the seventh season will only have seven episodes and will be out later than past seasons. We have a feeling that fans will tune in no matter how long it takes for the series to return. Check back here for more Game of Thrones news as we eagerly await the season seven premiere date.


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