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Game of Thrones Renewed!

Just two days after the airing of its first episode, Game of Thrones has been renewed by HBO. The show, which premiered on Sunday, focuses on a group of people struggling to gain control of the Iron Throne in the fictional realm of Westeros. HBO president Michael Lombardo said, "We are delighted by the way [writers] David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have brought George R.R. Martin's amazing book series to the screen, and thrilled by the support of the media and our viewers...This is the continuation of an exciting creative partnership."

The premiere attracted 4.2 million gross viewers on the main HBO channel and the episode, “Winter is Coming,” is set to be replayed across many of their other channels this week. This renewal marks another in a series of speedy pick-ups by the cable network after both Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire and creator of The Wire David Simon’s Treme were picked up almost immediately following their series' premieres. 

The fantasy drama will air the remaining 9 episodes of its season one run through June and it is, as of yet, unconfirmed when the second season will head into production or how many episodes the new season will consist of. 


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