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Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

Set to David Bowie’s “Heroes” the fifth season trailer for Game of Thrones gives us an exciting look into the upcoming season. The fourth season left us with many of our characters in transition, moving towards new and unexpected areas: Arya heads for Braavos, Tyrion is smuggled into a ship, Sansa is off with Little Finger, Brienne and Podrick are out looking for her, etc. And leaves some characters off in some seriously dramatic and intriguing places: Jon Snow has to deal with the wildlings and Stannis, Cersei with her father’s death and her son’s reign, Daenerys with her unruly dragons and Bran is just chilling with the children of the forest. Needless to say, a lot happened in the previous season and clearly, a lot awaits in the season to come. The trailer, as it is expected, gives us many, many snippets and glimpses into the myriad of storylines and characters that will weave the narrative of season five and it looks pretty amazing. Lots of foreboding line readings and dramatic glances all over the place, also snakes. Watch it now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq4S_4_iM2s#t=11 Along with the first trailer, HBO has released a slew of promotional photos featuring all of our favorite characters as well as important new faces. natalie-dormer-as-margaery-tyrell-and-lena-headey-as-cersei-lannister-_photo-helen-sloan_hbo1 maisie-williams-as-arya-stark-_-photo-macall-b-polay_hbo1 lena-headey-as-cersei-lannister-and-nikolaj-coster-waldau-as-jaime-lannister_-photo-helen-sloan_hbo1 lena-headey-as-cersei-lannister-and-ian-beattie-as-meryn-trant_-photo-macall-b-polay_hbo1 kit-harington-as-jon-snow-stephen-dillane-as-stannis-baratheon-and-liam-cunningham-as-davos-seaworth-_-photo-helen-sloan_hbo1 jonathan-pryce-as-the-high-sparrow_-photo-macall-b-polay_hbo1 emilia-clarke-as-daenerys-targaryen_-photo-helen-sloan_hbo1 conleth-hill-as-varys-and-peter-dinklage-as-tyrion-lannister-_-photo-helen-sloan_hbo1 alexander-siddig-as-doran-martell-_photo-macall-b-polay_hbo1


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