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Game of Thrones Writer, Bryan Cogman, Discusses Latest Episode

“…the principal family of the show, in a way, has become the Lannisters.” game-of-thrones-the-laws-of-gods-and-men-4 Entertainment Weekly talks to Game of Thrones scribe, Bryan Cogman on last night’s episode “The laws of God and Men” which dealt with, primarily, Tyrion Lannister’s trial. From what we have seen so far in the season, it certainly does feel like the Lannisters have taken control of the story becoming more and more prominent in the narrative. “It’s also no accident that “Rains of Castamere” is the last music cue you hear — this is the Lannister family drama finally boiling over,” says Cogman addressing the conflict within the family and what a momentous event, Tyrion’s trial is for those relationships. Cogman offers great insight on the first scenes set in Braavos, Danaerys and her dragons, the fan sensation that is Ser Pounce and, of course hints at what is to come in future episodes. On Theon and Ramsey : “Ramsay is certainly emerging as the most hateful character on the show, but it’s all coming down to daddy issues. We wanted to tease this rescue mission, but these things can go to hell really quickly if the person doesn’t want to be rescued.” On the trial scene: “Almost everything they say is verbatim what Tyrion actually said and did, but just in the most damning context. Even Shae, most of what she says is basically true. Also the background actors — who did a great job — were huge part of the momentum of that scene and are what help drive Tyrion to his breakdown.” On what is coming next: “I would just say it’s the aftermath of what you’ve just seen. Tywin’s plans, for once, were foiled, and now Tyrion has to deal with this rather rash decision he made. You’re going to see how that plays out. Also, expect the appearance of characters who you did not see this episode. That’s something we’re trying to do more this year too — less cutting back and forth to a lot of places. Do more quality vs. quantity.” Read the entire interview here.


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