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Game & Wario Releases on June 28th in Europe, 23rd in NA

Nintendo’s wacky Game & Wario, will release on June 28th in Europe according to Nintendo of Europe. Nintendo of America announced a June 23rd release for North America last month.

For those who don’t know, Game & Wario is a minigame collection using the colorful characters and ridiculous art style of WarioWare: Mega Microgames. Unlike WarioWare, which has the player completing an array of many different games that last between four to thirty-seconds, Game & Wario has sixteen arcade-style games that last a few minutes.

Each of the games utilize the gamepad and its relation to the TV in unique ways. One of the games for example, Gamer, has you playing a round of WarioWare-style games on the gamepad while you are making sure you won’t get caught by your mom on the TV. Another game, Arrow, has an oncoming army of Wario robots coming after you and you must use the gamepad's screen as your bow and arrow in order to defeat them. If any robots get past the TV screen, they’ll invade your gamepad so you must tap them to destroy them or else they’ll eat your fruit and cause a game over.

While Nintendo of America announced that Game & Wario will retail less than any other first-party title at $39.99, Nintendo of Europe has yet to announce a price.


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