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Gamers Go Wild At PAX East

If you're a grown-up heading to the Penny Arcade Expo East next month in Boston, you can join your fellow drinking-age nerds at the Friday night "Gamers Gone Wild" party held by 2Old2play.com and SFX-360.  The event will run from eight o'clock until two am at a venue called MKT at 120 Water Street.  Admission is free if you have a PAX East badge and you're over 21.

There will be heaps of schwag up for grabs in goody bags, along with additional mountains of stuff available as prizes, or for charity raffles to benefit the Penny Arcade charity Child's Play.  Headlining the event is Carlos Ferro, the voice actor who plays Dom in the Gears of War series, among other roles.  Activities will include video game tournaments, with a chance to go head to head against pro gamers Fatal1ty and Prod1gyx, if you want to embarrass yourself.  There will also be a chance to battle a mystery pro gamer in a Street Fighter 2 challenge which can win you a SFII Arcade cabinet of your own. 
There will also be two live DJ's, four floors of dancing (Or awkward shuffling, given the target crowd), along with a rooftop deck, and a console free-play room.  More information can be found at either www.sfx-360.com, or www.2old2play.com.


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