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Gamescon Mass Effect 3: Squad Leader

Bioware showed off their latest demo of Mass Effect 3 at Gamescon this week.  The trailer, which is titled "Squad Leader," shows off the squad commands and some of the new combat tweaks that have been introduced to the game.  Shepard can now perform a combat roll to maneuver quickly between points of cover and has a new omni-blade melee attack to effectively dispatch his opponents at close range. 

The trailer doesn't really show a lot of new stuff.  It's mainly comprised of footage from the level showed off in the E3 demo and although not that new, it is still more Mass Effect 3 media to consume.  The new Atlas mech looks like it will be a formidable foe and a blast to take down.  It has a claw that it can use to pick up Shepard and his squadmates to deliver a crushing attack.  Bioware has said that if you can kill the Cerberus pilot without destroying the mech, you can get in and take control. 

Admittedly, I am a huge Mass Effect geek, and the PC Collector's Edition is already pre-ordered.  Expect the PC to once again be the definitive version of the game with sharper graphics and finer controls. 

Check out the trailer.


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