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GameStop Announces Entry Into Tablet Market

An interview found on GamesIndustry.biz (original story here) talks about the intentions of GameStop to come out with their own tablet in the near future.  You may have noticed the signs in the GameStop windows advertising that they are going to start accepting iOS for trade now, so this news may or may not be a shocker.  With the amount of money and popularity that is going into the tablet and handheld market, this move by GameStop really is not that much of a surprise, but the success (or failure) of a tablet supported by a store like GameStop could change the store drastically.

There are still many questions about the gist of the tablet, but GameStop president Tony Bartel gave a few bits of information to feed the public.  So far, we know that the tablet will have a few games preloaded on it out of the box, and that there will be some sort of On-Live-esque service that will allow for the download of games.  Bartel himself said that “[it's] hard to imagine how to stream a game – let's say Modern Warfare 3 – onto a tablet and then play it with your finger," which could mean that this tablet may have some sort of control scheme, but information is still hazy.  This tablet is set to release sometime next year for an undisclosed price. 


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