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Gamestop gives us the kinection

You guys better thank God I wasn't covering the Microsoft event as you would have been hearing many amazing puns like the title above. At the Microsoft event, you may have been blinded by the free Xbox's (Looking at you, Ray!) but they didn't announce a price for Kinect.

According to Gamestop.com, it will be (as expected and reported on last month) $149.99. A steep price for a thing I wasn't sold on before the show and now know I will not buy one. The SKU's go like this:

Kinect- $149.99
Kinect w/ Arcade- $299.99
Kinect w/ (New, we can assume) Elite- $399.99
Kinext games seem to be going for same price as games are going for now, $59.99

Again, a steep price-point.  While I'm considering shelling out the 300 for a new, sexy 360 sometime this holiday, there's no way I'm going for the Kinect bundle at 400 bucks. What say you PlayAffOwers?


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