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Gaming From Across the Pond 08.14.10

Hello fellow gamers and welcome to another week of Gaming from Across the Pond. I did something this week which is borderline serious geek zone. As gamers, and especially us PC gamers, we have to accept to some degree we are all a bit geeky. Ever played an MMO? Then you’re a bit of a geek. Ever used hotkeys during a game? Yep still a geek. Get ridiculously excited from trailers that show no ACTUAL footage of the game? Geek. Now this isn’t a bad thing, we all enjoy our hobby and if that makes us geeks then I’ll put my hands up. Yea I drank an inhuman amount of coffee to stay awake to see the announcement of StarCraft II in South Korea, but I loved it so it doesn’t matter. That said being a geek is like any good game, it has levels.

Now the thing I did this week which could put me onto the higher levels of geekdom is a purchase I made. I bought a headset. Originally I was just looking online for some headphones but I saw a bargain and before I knew it my order had been taken. So by Monday I will own my first headset. I wondered how many geek points I will earn for this bit of tech and I realised it really depends on who you’re talking. My non gamer friends will instantly shout geek and brandish pitchforks but chances are my gamer mates will just say they’re cool.

I also thought perhaps how I use them will change the geek level of the headset. If I just use it for Skype it probably has very low geek level. The reason I got them was because I moved out of a house with a friend and while gaming we just used to shout down the hall. I can’t do that now so with the headset I will be able to talk to him. Ok that is a bit geekier. If I used it to chat to random gamers would that be worse? Would it be better if I had played a few games with someone online and, after I got to know them, spoke to them using headsets?

Personally I have always found them cool, I just never needed one. Now I will be able to chat with my friends during the game, just like I did when I was living with them. I probably won’t use it all the time as I know if I’m in a lobby waiting for a game and some dude come and starts chatting ill instantly press mute. I assume if I do it then other people must do it too. No point in talking if no one can hear you.

Finally some questions. Do you use headsets? Do you hate headsets? Do you think I’m a Mega Geek? If you have any thoughts on then make a comment below. So in a couple of days I will be plugging in my headset and talking tactics with my mates like I used to. If that makes a geek, then being a geek is awesome.


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