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Garfield Ongoing Series Comes to Kaboom in May 2012

Starting in May 2012 Garflied is going to have an ongoing series with Kaboom, which is where Boom Studios producers their kid comic books. Garfield is not newcomer to comic books because Garfield had first made his start in the 1970’s in comic book strips. Garfield is a lazy, over weight, self centered cat whose favorite meal is lasagna.

The writer of the current Garfield Show on Cartoon Network, Mark Evanier, will be on board as the writer for the series. Mark will team up with Gary Barker, who is a Garfield strip cartoonist. So, this series will be in great hands for all of the Garfield fans out there.

I am sure this will be a great series for Garfield fans. Especially because there are great Garfield affiliated people on board to be involved with this comic book series. I am glad to see that Garfield is getting an ongoing series and hope that many people will buy the series when it comes out in May 2012. 


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