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Garth Ennis and FURY MAX

Back in 2001, Marvel's MAX comics, a line for mature readers, was launched. Behind Nick Fury's Fury series under the new mature MAX line were Preacher writer Garth Ennis and Transmetropolitan artist Darick Robertson. Now, Ennis has returned to the mature series eleven years after the beginning.

The original Fury title featured Nick Fury, a war veteran who could not get the hang of the modern world. The depiction was much more gritty and dark than anything Marvel produced back then. The comic was supposedly so powerful at the time that rumors spread that it convinced George Clooney to be Nick Fury in a planned live-action film featuring Fury that never came to pass.

So, a series that was a historic departure for Marvel into the world of grit and controversy. And now it's back again – and Ennis is not using the newer version of Fury that is modeled after his movie-counterpart Samuel L. Jackson, but the original character crafted by Marvel. He is also keeping the maturity level Marvel's MAX line is known.

Garth Ennis will be working with artist Goran Parlov (The Punisher) on a mature Nick Fury going on a tour of post-World War II hotspots. The series will go throughout the timeline. According to what Ennis told Newsrama, they will be exploring Indochina in the early '50s, the Bay of Pigs in Cuba in '61, then ten years later Fury is in Southeast Asia meeting a young marine sniper named Frank Castle (a.k.a. The Punisher), and then Fury will finish his journey in Nicaragua in '84. The epilogue will take place in the final issue, issue #13, in modern day.

The first issue of FURY MAX is already out so feel free to go out and buy your copy of what Ennis calls the "Greatest Hits of the Cold War" today!

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