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Gauntlet’s New Release Date Announced Along With a New Trailer

"Gauntlet Returns This September"
Gauntlet's new release date has been announced thanks to a small delay. According to a press release Shacknews received from Warner Bros Games, the reboot of the classic four player action game will now be released September 23rd. The delay happened because the developers "needed to fine-tune details in order to bring gamers an even more robust multiplayer experience."
This new Gauntlet is being developed by Swedish developer Arrowhead Games.Arrowhead Games are the developers of the Magicka series.
Arrowhead Games and WB Games also released a new trailer. The trailer (below) shows off some of the coop features. The video also explains how Arrowhead games is taking the classic series and re-imagining it for today's audience.

Gauntlet will be available on PC and Steam with still no word yet on a console release.


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