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Gauntlet Release Penned for September 3rd

Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed a September 3rd release date for their upcoming revival of the dungeon adventure game Gauntlet. With the release info comes news of some pre-order bonuses for anyone that pre-purchases the PC exclusive prior to its arrival that includes a digital comic that dives into the central villain's backstory.
Gauntlet: Darkness Calls is an all-new story from DC Entertainment and will explore the origins of the evil Morak. No writer and artist have been revealed though the digital comic is set to arrive on the game's September 3 release date.
Players will also receive special pre-order weapons, depending on their retail outlet of choice. Amazon offers the Giant's Bane Weapon, a large bloody axe. GameStop features the Juggernaut of Hakura, a spiky hammer. Green Man Gaming tosses in Mordok's Screaming Hammer, a giant metal weapon adorned with skull fragments on each side. And Steam will include both the Azkog the Demon Slayer weapon (a powerful metallic staff) and the Reaper's Visage Helm item.
Gauntlet will be only on PC even though WB is also promising full SteamOS support for whenever Valve releases it's Steam Machines.


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