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First Gay, Interracial Marriage in Archie

  Archie has been making numerous headlines ever since it was first announced that an openly-gay character, Kevin Keller, would be appearing in the series in Veronica #212. Now, Archie is back in the headlines again with the announcement of Kevin Keller's engagement to a male African-American. Kevin Keller's marriage will be hitting the stands in January in Life With Archie #16. Life With Archie is a series that shows possible future happenings in the town of Riverdale (sort of a What If...? series for the Archie universe). In Life With Archie #16, the town is celebrating Kevin Keller's marriage to his boyfriend, and it will be the first gay marriage gracing the panels of Life With Archie (though not the first in the history of comics). While this celebration is going on, Archie will be seen separating from his wife Veronica, another controversial decision made by writers, but for very different reasons. For readers, this story is not in cannon with the regular Archie or Veronica titles, but is only a glimpse of a possible future. Whether it comes to pass in the current timeline of Archie comics has yet to be seen, but the decision will be met with both praise and criticism regardless of the series or time. Life with Archie #16 (2012) cover featuring the gay, interracial marriage of Kevin Keller.


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