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Gearbox Wants Ideas for Borderlands 2 CE

You'd think it would be easy for essentially an entire building full of nerds to come up with some cool nerdy stuff to go with the super duper edition of their next game.

Gearbox is currently asking its fan community (or anyone who's interested really) for ideas on what extras to include with the collector’s edition of Borderlands 2.  I generally don't get in on this collector’s edition stuff as it usually just ends up as more useless crap I leave lying around my house.   Given the opportunity to decide what that useless crap may end up being is fun though, I guess.  Personally, I collect figures, and I reckon a figure of one of the characters from the game would be nifty, especially if it's the siren as I played as her in the first game.  Maybe one of the game's weapons could be made into a life-sized version and given the nerf-dart treatment.   Again, useless crap, but I'd totally have a blast bugging my friends with such nonsense.

If you’d like to get in on this, Gearbox has a thread on their forums here you can submit your ideas to.

Source: Gameinformer.com


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