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Gearing Up – Comic Con International

Another year and another Comic Con! This year's event sold out in record time, two months earlier than last year, and that was back in March. But hey, who cares? You're getting in and that's all that matters. So if you're one of the 125,000 people that have visited in the past you've got an idea of what to expect. If this is your first year, then you might be subject to sensory overload.

Where do I go to see this? What's Hall H? How much for these cookies? Where do I go to the bathroom?

This doesn't have to be you. All you need are a few tips to keep your act together and that's what your PAC family's here for.



https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/red.jpgWhat to Wear? Be Prepared! 

Well you're going to be in Southern California, so that means it's going to be hot. But you're by the ocean, the Pacific, so depending what the coast blows in, it could also get a little cold. Bring clothes that breathe well, ie shorts, t-shirts. But keep in mind the rooms inside can get a little chilly at times. If you plan on hitting the Gas Lamp district at night you might want to bring a hoodie or light sweater. As for footwear, get your best kicks out because there will be a lot of walking. So don't wear flips-flops, guys; your feet will pay you back ten fold the next day.. And yes, your Crocs are comfortable, but even a nerd girl in their right mind well ever talk to you. Awe what the hell, wear them, girls just take away from comic reading time right? It all just comes down to how and when you're going to get around. As for all you Cos-Players, as long as you are a smoking hot chick, please rock whatever feels good to you. I will support that with my less is more attitude.


Want More Stuff but Hands are Full!

Once enter the coveted dealer room there's a 100% chance that you're going to find something to buy. If not there is a TON of free swag that exhibitors like Kener, DC, Marvel, Hasbro and so on. Sure, there are free bags that they give away. WB has been giving out the same damn over-sized beach bag for years. But a back-pack of your choice will give you way more control and options. You don't wanna load up and be a pack mule all day in a Wolf Creek you've had since ninth grade. The key is to bring a good one! Multiple compartments are a must if you wanna keep stuff separated. Keep that PPJ from mushing against that Red Hulk number one you just bought. This is where you load up snacks, water, subs, 5 hour energy, gummy-something or other, basically whatever nerds eat. Plus a pack with chest straps will help take the wait off you and you'll last a longer while waiting in that line to see something Star Wars related. A hungry nerd is a sad nerd so pick up a bag that you deserve. Nixon and Dakine are perfect examples of a great pack. Also bring a poster tube if you want to buy a poster or keep one of the free ones safe in any shape, form or fashion. You might pick up some rare sketch variant of Avengers Prime and you'll wanna keep that bad boy safe. 

Hurry Up and Wait

I hope you like queuing up for everything because that's what you'll be doing. The whole time and for every little single thing, I'm not joking at all. You got the piss-line, room-line, getting your badge-line, autographs-line, you see where this is going? So to kill time, and not yourself, bring a portable gaming device or play with your sweet ass smart phone. But among everything else bring a MP3 device of some kind. Believe me you'll need it when you hear your 500th conversation about who shot first ? Han did you retards, then George Lucas in his blind act of mutilation and old age thought it would be rad if everything was CG and changed a perfectly great movie so I'd have to stand and listen to two dumb asses talk about it! Thanks George. So bring one and keep it to yourself.

I've Smell Dead Bodies Before and You Sir Should be Ashamed.
https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Han Shot First.jpg
It's hot, there are a lot of people in close quarters and you're a geek. Sweat and B.O have been the enemy that you've ignored for years. Now that stink has the power and will, to make you look like a complete animal while you wait to ask Felicia Day weather she enjoyed the new Battlestar and how they made Starbuck a girl. What do you do? Take a shower everyday! Deodorant is king. Bring AXE bullets to freshen up hourly. Buy packs of gum to keep that breathe icy. This will help you stay mentally clear, refreshed and invigorated all day. All adding to your joy filled experience at the SDCC. Trust me, Felicia Day is already thanking you.

This Part is an Open Letter

Okay, I know the cultural virus that is known as Anime has encompassed America. I have grown to except and live with it. But please stop with the hug me shirts, the dancing in a circle with your hands on your head, as you Caramelldansen (Caramel-dancing) your cares away while a crappy little jam box blast something techno gibberish (which is that same damn song every time). So yeah, go “Glomp” yourself is basically what I'm saying. Oh and here's the English version if the first one didn't make you wanna kill yourself fast enough.

There you have it. A few tips from me to you. If you follow any of theses, your time at the SDCC will be improved infinitely. God knows mine will if you do. See you there! 


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