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Gears of War 3: Ashes to Ashes

There are some games that people can’t wait for a sequel to, and Gears of War is without a doubt one of them.  They have created a series that has created a large fan base very quickly, and it only continues to grow.  Everyone already knew a third installation was going to be made; we all just had to wait quietly for some actual details about the game.  While we haven’t gotten any real details from the developers they have released a trailer, Ashes to Ashes, and for a short one minute trailer it shows a good amount about the game.

The trailer starts out showing a city with all of its citizens killed and turned to ash.  We then see Dom, now trying to pull off a beard, running away from gun fire while tackling through the ash bodies.  Right before he gets taken down by a locust we see Marcus come to his rescue with, what looks like, a new looking double-barrel shotgun.  This could be a new design for it, or we could be seeing one of new weapons.  He then gets handed a gun by probably the biggest shocker of the entire trailer, a lady Gear, how she’s tied into the story isn’t known yet.  She could either be a new recruit, or someone from one of the members of Alpha’s squad past.  We then pan out to see both Cole and Baird fighting off the horde of locusts when we see another twist, a tentacle monster killing the locust.  There are a lot of them and they are big. 

This could mean some kind of alliance between the humans and this new monster, or it could mean a triangle of conflicts.  The trailer ends with entire team getting surrounded by all kinds of nasty things and then saying Brothers to The End.  Then they focus on just the words, The End, this could mean this is the last installment to Gears of War but I really doubt that.  Cliff Bleszinski even said why stop at only three games so this could just be a dramatic ending to the trailer.  Then last, but not least, the date is announced April 2011.  So we still have a long wait ahead of us before we fight the locust again, but we can still look forward to more official detail about the game as it gets closer to release.  Make sure to check back here at Player Affinity for more information.


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