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Gears of War 3: Fenix Rising in January

The Gears of War 3 downloadable content train keeps on rolling in January with the release of another load of new content for one of 2011’s biggest releases.  Entitled Fenix Rising, this new map pack introduces five new maps, four character skins, and a new experience system that lets players “Re-up” through level 100 to unlock exclusive weapon skins.  The maps and character skins sound good enough, but it’s the “Re-up” addition which looks to add the most play-time to the game.

The “Re-up” system allows players who attain level 100 to reset their experience and rank while retaining all other progression, including their TrueSkill rating.  The reward for this is the achievement of new rank icon colours for each time the player then hits level 100 again (from Bronze to Red, Green and then Gold) and new weapon skins for each rank after Bronze.  It’s an addition that promises hours upon hours more playtime for the Gears of War fanatics amongst you over the new maps made available in the pack, each from a location in Gears lore- Academy, Anvil, Depths, Escalation and The Slab.  Fenix Rising will be available on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points on the 17th of January.


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