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Gears of War 3 Launch Trailer: “From Dust To Dust”

A new trailer for eagerly-anticipated shooter Gears of War 3, entitled ‘From Dust to Dust’, has hit the internet, showing off some stunning footage of Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad battling to save the earth and the rest of humanity.  Set to the haunting tune of ‘To Dust’ by the alt-rock band Mazzy Star, the trailer sees Marcus leading his squad in a fighting retreat through what looks like an old train station, gunning down a variety of enemies along the way, before they emerge in front of their squad’s helicopter.  Marcus and his men join the rest of the squad, who are fighting back the seemingly endless horde of enemies attempting to swarm them.  

The message of ‘Brothers to the End’ that adorns the end of the trailer is clearly intended to play up the dramatic nature of GOW3’s story; this final game in the trilogy is being cast as the ultimate struggle between humanity and the alien threat that threatens to overwhelm them, in a similar vein to Mass Effect 3’s climactic final chapter.  The game will undoubtedly pit the player against seemingly insurmountable odds- but what else would we expect from the final game in such a hugely successful sci-fi series?


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