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Gears of War film enters game-movie limbo

The LA Times reported recently that the movie version of Gears of War the video game has unfortunately fallen into videogame/movie limbo.

Much like Castlevania, Halo, and a third Tomb Raider movie, the powers to be at New Line have other projects they want to pursue currently. It's hard to tell what the true cause of the delay is. It might be behind these developments. The movie industry is fickle, and New Line's priorities may reflect nothing more than a shift in what interets them.

Wanted writer Chris Morgan turned in a script that was apparently good. It just fell to the wayside and might need more power behind it in terms of a major film developer, in order for it to happen. With a reported $100 million budget, the studio wants it scaled down.  Len Wiseman (
Underworld, Live Free or Die Hardwas going to direct the film, but has since moved onto other projects.  

Video game movies, like comic book movies, need a big hit like X-Men or Spider-Man in order to become a force to be reckoned with. Maybe this Summer's Prince of Persia from Jerry Brukheimer will do it so that we might see better films made of good games.  


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