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Gears of War on the Board

Fantasy Fight Games has unveiled the trailer for the Gears of War 3 Board Game. How can you turn one the most dynamic Xbox-only, first-person shooter games into a board game? Well, they did it and time will tell if the board game will sell as much as this extremely successful series.

Gears of War 3 has over one million pre-orders and has taken the cake as most pre-orders for exclusive Xbox titles. Just because you have one of the most successful games does not mean you can possibly bring rebirth of the old school board game back. This board is said to have been designed by the same individual who made the Battlestar Galatica Board Game (not that anyone really knew of this). The game will be a four player game with each player being assigned one character in an attempt to secure territory from the Hoard of Locust. 


This game features seven different game modes and includes over two hundred playing cards, a set of dice, and thirty little figures for all of you "Gears of War" diehard fans to go crazy with. This board is set to be released on August 31st and is based on the second installment in the "Gears of War" saga. Gears of War 3 may have already set records for Xbox 360, but their board will most likely set all the wrong records and barely sell. Seriously, no one plays board games anymore, so creating this game may be a big waste of time.


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