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Genecy #1 – Review

The Grunnod have a problem, it seems that the entire race of people that they have enslaved have been planning a jailbreak for the last centennium (a century). The slaves plan a thieft of a star ship, but the Grunnod's are on to them. Regarless, the people that have desired freedom for so long are going take it any ways. A full blown riot ensues as everyone scrambles for freedom. Unfortunately the fleet of ships for the evacuation are nearly all destroyed. The anarchy jumps to another level as there is only one ship that is able to take off from the planet's atmosphere. Unable to take everyone, a fight erupts to see who will survive. By the grace of Geshemah the mastermind behind the escape, Kaizaax is spared and given a key to his past. The last ship doesn't get far before it too is destroyed, somehow Kaizaax is teleported to the dome of Raknirod.

He awakens tired and unable to go on, but the key tells him to keep going. In a way it wills him forward towards the dome in the distance. Drawn by the key to an entrance, he enters a tomb where he unlocks a battle royale with accent warriors. For the battle the key has given him wrist guards that act like a cosmic power source. He defeats two waves of creatures and goes neck to neck with a flaming lion, before Raknirod calls the battle to a close. When all is said and done Kaisaax is propositioned by the massive God Raknirod to grant him life again. If Kaisaax agrees he will have the power to save his people once and for all.

There are a lot things going on in this book, first off is the narrative. It does an entertaining job as it lays out the world before you. With little dialog spoken by anyone, it reads like an over-the-top space opera. One small gripe is the rush the story has to get our hero to his powers. There's no real time flushing out him or the story. Which can leave the reader wondering why Kaizaax is the chosen one, but under the restraints involved it's understandable that they didn't have a lot of pages to play with.

The art from Eddy Barrows (52, Superman) does a lot of the work by showing the bulk of the stories plot. Since there's very little dialog it's up to the art to drive the story, which helps and does the book justice. The real treat is the coloring by Tim Ogul and Oren Kramek which is completely crazy. The pages light up with all kinds of colors. It's truly an awesome sight to behold as their coloring works with Barrows strong pencil skills.

The writer and creator Gerald Cooper describes his book like this, “Genecy is like Conan becoming the Silver Surfer after being a slave on Apokolips.”. That's a pretty heavy sentence, almost crazy. Taking three different genres slamming them all together is daring and quite risky. After reading it, somehow that crazy combination in Gencecy shows some of its “chops” and creates a solid foundation from its potential. It has the workings for something that could be very interesting. Not bad for a first start and it would be great to see this book really get rolling.

Can't find it in your local shop, you can pick up issue one here. The team also has a KickStarter account to get the second issue off the ground. There's several donation options with different items that you'll get if the book reaches its goal. So if you like what you have read, show them some support and help the second issue make it on to shelves.

Overall Score – 7.5/10



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