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George Clooney to Save Art from Nazis in ‘The Monuments Men’

It looks like George Clooney’s next mission will be saving Private Rembrandt, as he announced Saturday that his next film will be The Monuments Men. Based on the organization of the same name, The Monuments Men follows the true story of civilian art-experts who were a part of the allied frontlines during the invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe. Their goal: rescue and preserve art that had fallen into Hitler’s hands. Clooney will direct and co-star.

The film will be adapted from the 2009 novel by Robert Edsel, which recorded the dangerous work of 11 historians-turned-privates, who entered active duty with no combat training and limited military assistance. Some of the Monuments Men, nicknamed the “Venus Fixers,” went on to illustrious careers, including New York City Ballet founder Lincoln Kirstein.

Clooney will reteam with Good Night and Good Luck producer Grant Heslov, with Sony Pictures set to distribute. The latimesblog article that broke the news has the Oscar-winner referring to The Monuments Men as “an amazing story ... and there’s also a great love story.”

He’s right to be excited; Clooney’s directorial work has a good track record for attracting awards-buzz. Last October’s The Ides of March is up for a Best Picture Golden Globe this Sunday and is getting an Oscar-push from Columbia Pictures. With a well-liked director leading a potentially illustrious cast in a World War II movie about saving art, the Monuments Men could be the Miami Heat of Awards-bait whenever it arrives.


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