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Get Portal… For Free

In another stunning display of total insanity, Valve has made Portal free until May 24th. This means you can make a Steam account and own Portal forever for free.



With the launch of Steam on Mac and SteamPlay, allowing for some hot cross-platforming action with saves and online play, Valve's letting you have Portal for free. Act by May 24th and play this gem. It's a game so thoughtfully and intelligently put together that it's really only something Valve could pull off without making it overcomplicated. Just intuitive enough to play, but not so tough that it'd cause your brain to hemorrhage profuse amounts of blood and pus. And it's hilarious. Really, the only mark against it is how it spawned the awful "Cake is a lie." meme.

Well, get to it. If you haven't played Portal, now's a good a chance as any, because, like, you know, it's goddamn free.


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