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Get to Know DedSec in latest Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

"Meet Your Band of Hacking Misfits"
Incoming transmission from DedSec! Today Ubisoft released a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2 featuring the colorful cast that protagonist, Marcus Holloway. This story trailer brings a fresh look at the major players on both sides of the conflict between the hacker group DedSec and the powerful corporations they’re trying to take down. Their primary target is the all-seeing, all-knowing, Blume Corporation, who fans of the series will recognize from the previous entry. We also get a glimpse of a key antagonist, Blume’s Chief Technology Officer, Dusan Nemec. Nemec seems to be taking the new threat seriously and rightly so considering we have seen the potential they offer. Along with a glimpse of each member of DedSec and their ultimate goal, the video also showcases some of the gadgets and tools players will get the chance to work with. Drones, power outages, vehicular mayhem, and parkour are all a small piece of what Watch Dogs 2 has to offer. The trailer is filled with action-packed shots, giving an idea of what players will be in for come this November 15th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the trailer yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hamZRt3gFE


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