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Get Your First Taste of Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

Originally announced at Gamescom, Infamous 2: Festival of Blood will be a downloadable game that stands apart from Infamous 2.  Scheduled to be available later this year, think mid-late October, the game will still take place in the city of New Marais.  In this alternate story, vampires have run amok and Cole has been bitten.  Cole will have 24 hours to save the city before it's lost and taken over by the blood-suckers. 

Sucker Punch has released the first look at the Festival of Blood DLC, offering a short clip in which Cole is kidnapped and his conduit blood used to reanimate a vampire.  The preview doesn't show any gameplay but is a comic strip cinematic narrated by Zeke.  I have to admit my curiosity is piqued now after seeing the video.  IGN had the scoop on the video as Greg Miller reported it.


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