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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Finally Gets a Release Date

Ubisoft's entry to the military shooter market Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has finally gotten a solid release date - the 6th of March 2012. Throughout the game's development, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has undergone numerous delays, leading to its latest release date. Ubisoft claimed previous delays were the result of a desire to strengthen its video game lineup.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier feels like it has been in development for way too long. The game, which was first announced in 2009, sets you as the commander of the Ghost Recon squad and follows your fight against a radical Russian Ultra-Nationalist movement in the near future. The main draw is the futuristic weapons and gadgets you'll have access to, including 'optical camouflage'. It also boasts a powerful weapon customization system. While the game is a third person shooter, when players take cover, the game switches into a first person mode for more accuracy.

While Future Soldier looks quite good, it will be interesting to see if it appeals to gamers in the highly competitive shooter market.  Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is set for release on PC, 360, PS3, Wii and PSP on the 6th of March 2012.


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