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‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’ Trailer 2 Gets You Up to Speed on the Story

See how much easier it is to sell a superhero movie without all of that pesky origin story nonsense? Advertising for the first Ghost Rider spent so much time setting up the Ghost Rider character and mythos that it wasn’t ever apparent what the movie was actually about. Trailer one for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was a great reminder of who the character is, while also showcasing what directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are good for (ie. full-tilt craziness).

There’s no stinger shot of Nicolas Cage pissing fire in this second trailer, but it does develop the pathos of why we should care about Nic Cage pissing fire. Our hero-in-hiding is tasked by Idris Elba with protecting a child targeted by the devil for possession, which all parties involved agree would be a bad thing. In tow is the alluring Violante Placido, who plays the boy’s mother and will no doubt be replacing Eva Mendes as Johnny Blaze's love interest.

But that’s not to say the action takes a backseat. Far from it: the big set pieces are on full display here, including Ghost Rider getting his Nathan Drake on, leaping from car to car in a moving convoy. There’s also a shot of him operating a 90-ton industrial excavator, which will no doubt become more awesome once it’s apparent why exactly he’s in there. And yes, the bullet barfing scene was enough of a money shot to make a second appearance.

All in all, looks like some good, stupid fun for a time of the year that could desperately use it. Given the usual dearth of interesting films in the first quarter of the year, don’t be surprised if audiences want to see Cage making scary faces and Stringer Bell shooting out car tires while flying off a cliff when the film premieres next February.   


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