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Gimmicks: 3D

Video games have always been involved with gimmicks. Well before the move, kinect, and the Wii there were things that game companies wanted us to shell out our cash to buy. Case in point the Nintendo Power Glove (which I won't talk about, but I'll let the nerd do the talking on that). However these days gimmicks are everywhere in the entertainment industry, and most likely won't be going away. However I think some need to know more about this stuff, and gimmicks in general. I don't know where better to start talking about gimmicks that to mention 3D.

Before my ripping into 3D I have a quick history lesson. Most don't know, but 3D was originally developed to help in the war between TV and movies. Now some of you may find this odd, but back in the 50s the two were two different super powers. Like today though people were enjoying watching things at home than going to the movies. It was from this squeeze on Hollywood's pocket that they were seeking innovations to bring people back to the theaters. There were many failures such as the infamous “smell-o-vision” (yes, it existed, and thank God no game company is trying it), but out of theses bad ideas came 3D. At first people loved it! However halfway into the decade it was nothing but headaches. 3D did get revived a few times over the next few decades, and was eventually able to find a place with IMAX in the mid 80s. Today...well, we all know that Avatar changed movies forever with its 3D. However movies like Inception have come out to prove that 3D is not what the theaters need to bring more people to the theaters. However that has not stopped people from rushing to the movies to see their movies in 3D. We've seen the good (Toy Story 3), and even the bad 3D (Last Airbender). What we have yet to see are large big budget games on 3D. Something that may change soon. 

 Today 3D is not only after our money in the box office, but at home too! 3D TVs, 3D Blu-Ray players, and lets not forget 3D gaming. The question remains though...“is It worth it?” The answer is really no. I have experienced demos of 3D Blu-Rays (Avatar and Monsters vs Aliens), and while it was really different I did not see the appeal. If anything it seemed to blur the lines between video games and movies. I know this may sound strange, but next time you're in a Best Buy check it out. I'm sure you'll see what I mean. As for games...well, I can't see it. Sure it looks cool, but this isn't innovation. This being one of the reasons I have been giving the Xbox 360 credit for not wasting its time on 3D like the PS3. Hopefully with this they won't spread them selves too thin like Sony is starting to.


Though the technology has greatly improved greatly since it first came out in the 50s we are still not there. Companies like Sony may tell you different. They will tell you that it is the next big thing, but this is not true. At least as it is today. The funny thing is the biggest problem is in the smallest part. Those being the glasses. Besides the fact that the glasses for 3DTVs cost a ton there is no way people (like me) who already wear glasses will want to wear them just to watch TV/movies/games in 3D. The 3DS does fix this problem, but we will see how it is when it gets into our hands. Until then companies should work on the real future of entertainment (and again Star Trek thought of it first). For the answer to what the future is check out the video, and tell me that doesn't kick 3D's ass!


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