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“Girl With A Heart Of” Now Available

We love indie games here at Player Affinity, and we do what we can to spread the word about the little guys with stars in their eyes, and open source dev kits on their hard drives.  One such newcomer with an interesting new game is Bent Spoon Games and their debut title Girl With A Heart Of.

In Girl with a Heart of, players will control an eleven-year-old girl named Raven who belongs to "The Dark race" and discovers that her artificial heart has the power to save her people.  It plays much like an adventure game with lots of dialog choices, and has multiple endings influenced by the players moral and ethical choices.  The 2-D art atyle seen below is simplistic, but the use of light and shadow give it a distinct look.

When you add in themes like "human rationality", "transhumanism" and "recursive self-improvement", Girl with a Heart of sounds like an intelligent, thought-provoking addition to the indie landscape.  It is playable as of today on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.  It runs $5.99 for PC or Mac and $2.99 on portable devices.

More about the game can be found on its website, and the video below shows it in action.


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