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Glee – Bad Reputation

Quick Notes: This is my first TV review, I normally write for the video game section of Player Affinity. However, I felt like dipping my hands in the TV section for once, since I’ve been a fan of Glee since the first episode.

Spoilers are in this review.

This weeks Glee was excellent, if not flawed in some ways. It was pure fun from the great song selection to the choreography, you just could not help but to be entertained while watching this episode. The first 10 minutes set up a great arch for the rest of the episode; a “glist” was made that ranked some of the Glee members on their promiscuity, Rachel being the lowest.

Rachel, apart from the great “Run Joey Run” sequence, was quite boring throughout this episode. Her relationship with Jesse has been a snore so far, as he nor has the couple of Rachel and Jesse been developed enough for me to care about them. And it’s just making me want another Rachel/Puck relationship.

When Kurt, Brittany, Mercedes, Artie, and Tina went into the library and sang “You Can’t Touch This,” trying to get more popular, you couldn’t help but laugh. The red-faced chubby kid and the older librarian that just stared made the whole scene that much better. That added to the fact that they all looked like they were going to a “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” gathering only added onto the enjoyment in this episode.

Similar to all Glee episodes, Jane Lynch’s parts were phenomenal. In many many ways. Her “Physical” video with Olivia Newton John was a ton of fun to watch and seeing her be sweet with her sister Jean (played by Robin Trocki) never fails to pull at my heart-strings. Once she says she loves someone, you just cannot stop me from smiling.

I was disappointed that the song “Bad Reputation” was not sang during this episode, I think it would’ve been fun to see everyone try and make that song work, but it was still a very good episode. Not a deep, plot-heavy episode or anything but just pure enjoyable. It was fun all around. And again, anytime I can get Jane being kind to her sister, that makes the episode exponentially better.



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