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Glee – Dream On

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this weeks Glee. I was hoping for a bit more Jane Lynch/Shue rivalry going on but that storyline seems to have taken a back-seat lately. Which is both good and bad, mainly bad. Anything featuring Jane Lynch is amazing but it’s always nice to show-off some new storylines.

Such as Artie and Tina’s story. They’ve been together for a while but the writers never dove too deep into what they were doing. Apparently, Artie has been wanting to be a dancer. Which is scientifically impossible due to his paralysis. Tina thinks otherwise.

One thing Glee has been doing a great job of doing lately is depressing me and every scene involving them two did just that. Tina was constantly trying to prove to Artie that there is a possibility he can walk, although, we all know he can’t. And it’s a bit insensitive of her to continuously bring it up. I understand that she wants to help him achieve his dream but some things just are not possible. One thing I have to complain about is the incredibly inappropriate singing of “Safety Dance.” Nothing was overtly horrid about it but it just felt so out-of-place in the dramatic storyline that was taking place. The big final song for these two was Artie singing “Dreamed A Little Dream” while Tina danced with Chang. The sympathy for poor Artie was through the roof.

The first thought that sprang through my head when they revealed Shelby Corcoran was Rachel’s mother was “Well, maybe I’m interested now” and I definitely am. It turns out Jesse wasn’t trying to just be Rachel’s girlfriend and “make her dreams come true” (Shocker, right?), he was actually helping Shelby try and make Rachel come to her. This seems to be playing out a bit like a soap opera but sometimes a soap opera plot twist is good.

The big thing in this episode of Glee was Neil Patrick Harris, a very musically gifted man. Him and Shue had great interactions between each other and Neil really delivered some hilarious lines and scenes. The subtlety of handing out god-awful Jean Jackets has never been so funny. Like I said, there was little Jane Lynch in here but what we got was quite good. Her and Neil talking about the Cheerios, getting mad, then having sweet anger sex “Letterman style”, as Jane said, was comic genius.

Shue and Neil’s battle to get the part in “Les Mis” was really enjoyable and I for one loved the duet of them singing “Dream On.” That song is one of my favorites of all time and I was glad they sang it well and didn’t change it around too much. Also, we got to see Neil Patrick Harris with a mullet which was just plain glorious.

I was pleasantly surprised more than once this week. Neil Patrick Harris was great and they made me actually care for Rachel’s current story. One thing I do hope is that this Artie/Tina story isn’t going to be the new Kurt/Burt story. Kurt/Burt had so many intriguing qualities that Artie/Tina just does not have. I can only hope they change things around for that story next week. Besides that, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Rachel and Jesse, while maybe giving me more Jane Lynch? Please?



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