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I did not review last week’s Glee as I was a bit busy and didn’t have the time, but it was one of my most favorite episodes in the past weeks. I was a huge fan of their Bad Romance performance and I thought the “fag” scene between Burt and Finn was amazing.

That being said, I was quite excited for this week’s Glee, but once I saw the title I was a bit nervous. I didn’t think they could pull it off. And after watching it, it was definitely a roller-coaster of thinking “This is great!” and at other times “This is just awkward and odd as hell.”

I’m actually surprised how they’re making me care more and more each week for Rachel and Jesse’s relationship. At this point, it seems they’ll never get back together, which I don’t want them to do, but it’s nice that they’re turning Jesse into who he should be, the villain. His style, his persona, his attitude, it all fits with him being a jerk to her. And the egg throwing incident in Funk was one of the rare times when I actually said “Wow” while watching this show. It totally caught me off-guard, and I like that.

If you’ve read my previous reviews of Glee, you know I love the Schue/Sue rivalry, and in this episode, it only got better. They really flipped the storyline on its head by making Schue the real bad guy here. This was a well-executed switch up for the most part. The performance of “Tell Me Something Good” was impressive vocally, but at the beginning, I felt a little weird constantly staring at Schue’s ass. But apart from that, watching Sue get more and more turned on throughout that scene was a delight. But not in a creepy way. I don’t have a thing for Jane Lynch. Or do I?

Later on, the part involving the near kiss was incredible. I was convinced their lips were about to touch and... Bam! They didn’t. In typical Sue fashion, she pulls back, recites a witty line, and makes you love her even more.

As kind of creepy and odd as it is, I like the possible Finn/Terri relationship. It could cause some serious issues between Schue and Finn, and it could also be quite entertaining to watch unfold. I’m sure this will lead to Rachel being jealous, as well as the eventual reunion of Rachel and Finn. Then maybe Puck will get with Terri. He needs himself a good woman. The most impressive performance this week, vocally and choreographically was “Loser.”  It’s such a great song, and Puck and Finn’s singing abilities fit it perfectly. I was glad they didn’t allow those two to only sing Funk music.

Mercedes and Quinn had a small funk-off if you will during this episode and Mercedes clearly won. Look, I think Quinn has the most beautiful voice in this entire series. But the immensely bizarre dancing during her singing of “It’s A Man’s World” ruined it all. Her singing was excellent but watching pregnant women do 360’s around each others’ bellies isn’t entertaining at all. The relationship between Mercedes and Quinn that was formed at the end could definitely be sweet, but it’s such a forgettable narrative buried under the other, much more important and much more fantastic storylines of Schue/Sue and Vocal Adrenaline/New Directions.

Another solid Glee episode, marred by a few disappointments. While I’m still eagerly anticipating next week’s episode, I hope they do what they do best, be a little crazy while providing some good drama, and not deluding from the more interesting and fun stories of the show.



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