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Glee – Laryngitis

While last week’s Glee was mainly “fun” focused, delivering an episode that was small on plot and high on excitement, this week’s episode was one where they tried to engross you with drama immediately and not let you go until the end. For the most part, they succeeded.

Mercedes and Puck’s relationship seems very interesting to me. I fount it to be a little odd at times, as I didn’t buy the fact that she would let a man use her just to say she had a man, but if they continue the storyline and turn Puck into more of a nice kid, that may be good. Then on the other hand, we need a bully in the Glee club and Santana and Brittany just aren’t enough.

Finn is still trying his damnedest to get Rachel back although she likes Jessie. At the end of the show, they introduced a new character that I’ll get into later but I truly hope that he doesn’t get involved in this love situation. That would be an absolute turn for the worst. Granted the Jessie/Finn/Rachel thing is already not very good. They did nothing whatsoever this week to continue their storyline besides have Finn sing “Jessie’s Girl,” while we watched an awkward silhouette of a woman (supposed to be Rachel undressing). The real question is, she was there to check her tonsils, why was she getting naked?


Rachel’s tonsil problems seemed over-played and unnecessary throughout the entire episode. She just came off even more selfish. I have no idea why I still love her, but I can’t help it. She has a certain, undeniable charm that gets to me. The episode took a dark, saddening turn at the end where they revealed Finn’s friend, Shawn, who had been paralyzed from the upper-chest down. Every scene that involved him and Rachel talking was heart-wrenching and unforgettable.

Speaking of heart-wrenching and unforgettable, the Kurt/Burt (Kurt's father) storyline continued and this week’s was not only entertaining but featured great acting from both sides. Kurt’s renditions of “Pink Houses” and “Rose’s Turn” were by far the best songs featured on this episode. One was absolutely hilarious and one was just a beauty to listen to. It seems to look like this current storyline is over but I really hope they find something for this father and son to do as they’re two excellent characters.

Glee - Laryngitis was very good in ways, but flawed in others. Luckily, the flaws were quite minor and didn’t detract away from my enjoyment of this episode too much. My main hope for next week is that Jessie comes back with a new girlfriend and Rachel try’s to make him jealous by flirting with Quinn. Maybe that would suck me into their relationship a bit more.

Also, there was not enough Jane Lynch in Laryngitis. Which is always a bad thing.


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