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Glee Season Finale- Journey

If there was one phrase to describe the season finale of Glee, it would be “All I could’ve wanted.” Sure, it was corny at times but that’s just the Glee way. Corny while still entertaining as hell. And “Journey” had no shortage of corny entertainment.

I found it a little odd that no one ever brought up the fact that there were FOUR judges, so adding Sue as a judge meant she was only one vote. Not all of them. And in the end, even if Sue wouldn’t have voted for New Directions to be first and there were only the three judges, they would’ve still lost.  There was no practice this week, within the first 10 minutes; we were already at the Regionals. Within 12 minutes, we were engrossed in the beautiful singing of Rachel and Finn.

And that’s exactly what it was: Beautiful. The Journey melody was one of, if not the best Glee performance ever. The song choices were amazing and the heart and passion instilled by the Glee crew was noticeable and dazzling. I couldn’t stop myself from tapping my foot and singing along with them. All while I had one of the biggest smiles on my face, ever.

It wasn’t just that performance, it was every performance. Usually on Glee, there’s one section where I’m out of it, just not enjoying the song whatsoever. That never happened here. Every song had so much heart that you couldn’t help but love it. Also, hearing New Directions perform one of their previous great songs, Don’t Stop Believing, was a welcomed addition to the set list.

The Quinn/Quinn’s mom reconciliation seemed a bit forced, sure and the Sandra Bullock-tattooed-lady affair reference was painful, but that didn’t make the reunion any less heartwarming. It was great to finally see one of the sweetest and most changed character throughout the series finally have something good come in her life. While I’m a huge fan of Rachel/Puck, I’m perfectly fine with Quinn/Puck leading into Season 2.

From Puck’s hilarious face to the singing of Vocal Adrenaline over the scene, the entire Quinn having her baby scene was masterfully done. Though it was a little odd how they kept teleporting back and forth from the Regionals to the hospital.

They handled Sue/Shue’s relationship perfectly in this episode. They brought them closer while still having them be bitter rivals. I loved it. The fact that Sue never acknowledged that she voted for New Directions to win was interesting, though we all knew that in the end, she’d vote for them. All it took was Olivia Newton John, Josh Groban, and that weird looking deep-voiced man to scrutinize her a bit. Seriously, who is that news man? The shot of Jane Lynch tearing up at the end was by far the best moment of the season. It was lovely for her to finally see the love the Glee crew has for one another.

I hated the fact New Directions didn’t place. Not because the story writers wanted me to think that, but because they were legitimately better than Oral Intensity, from what I heard. Though New Directions was the best of the three, Vocal Adrenaline’s performances were equally excellent. The combination of Quinn having her baby and at times singing the words (Completely accidental of course) of the songs Vocal Adrenaline was performing, was brilliant.

Many season finales these days like to end on a cliffhanger, and while that is all well and good sometimes, I’m glad Glee didn’t try for it. In a world where “some will win, some will lose”, Glee’s season finale, Journey, won by a long shot.



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