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New League of Legends Champion Gnar Announced

Gnar has been announced as an all new playable champion by Riot, the team responsible for making one of the worlds most played games "League of Legends" A new teaser page shows off what you can expect from the new champion.
It's been suggested that Gnar will be a tanky/assasin based champion and will sport the following moves:
  • Snowman whisper: He will shoot a skillshot that will transform everything, champion or minion into a snowman for a short moment, silencing them as well.
  • Skating ground: Gnar will make the area in front of him to freeze making Gnar and his allies to go faster while walking on the ice.
  • Pulsing icespikes: Gnar activates a tight aura around him with pulsing ice-spikes. Anyone that enters his "aura" will take damage"
  • ULTIMATE - Avalanche: Gnar will summon his snowboard and start channelling an avalanche (yes, he will snowboard on the avalanche!) Gnar cannot get his ultimate interrupted by stuns, slows or fears nor by flashing away. While channeling anyone near his channel area will get slowed and upon the release of the avalanche, Gnar will damage enemies and get bonus armor for every enemy he succesfully hit upon releasing the avalanche

You can catch a short teaser video of Gnar below too. There's no confirmed release date yet but Entertainment Fuse will be right up to date when the new character drops.


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