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GodStorm #0 – Review

The Gods of Greek and Roman Mythology are set to go to war and this is something you shouldn’t miss this week when picking up your comics: GodStorm issue 0! This book had me gripped to my seat from cover to cover. The story is fantastic, the art work follows right behind, and it had Greek and Roman Gods. Who could ask for anything more? This issue stars the biggest of the Gods, Zeus, a father with a lot of guilt regarding his children and a worry for a coming war amongst the Gods.


Lets start with the story. Remember this is an issue zero so like other issue zeros, it merely sets the stage for things to come. Does this issue do that, oh yes it does and then some. Looking at this book the cover alone gets you interested to see what exactly this book is all about. Then when you open the book if the cover wasn’t enough you get a brief intro to the story and what the book is about:

In today’s modern world, the stories of powerful gods from Greek and Roman mythology have been thought of as mostly folklore. However, the truth is that for thousands of years, gods and goddesses have been living on Earth in human form. Many have admiration and respect for the human race, but others want nothing more than to be worshipped by mankind.

Now, the goddess of beauty known as Venus has begun to recruit other powerful gods to join her in a plan to return to the “glory days” of old-- the days where gods and goddesses were feared and worshipped by all. And she will stop at nothing to get what she desires most…

This is the beginning of the Godstorm.”


That set up is pretty eye catching isn't it. OK, well now lets delve into the book. The main character of the book is none other than the king of all gods Zeus, except he’s not a god or a king anymore. He’s Gregor Brontios (Above), CEO of a company (not mentioned). This book is about Zeus (we’ll use his real name) who he once was and who he is now, and his children. After everything that he has been through and all the “heirs he sired” (it’s in the book I didn’t make that up - see the quotes) all he thinks about now are his children. Zeus throughout the whole book goes through all the paintings I assume he’s painted of his children and how he abandoned most of them. We get to see flash backs with Perseus, Hercules, and finally Zagreus. Now all of his children live as mortals with no memories of their pasts. Zeus himself wishes he could live out the end of his days as a mortal. As a reader we can only guess that Zeus was the one that chose this for his children as well as himself. However, now because other Gods are about to begin a war to see who will control the world, all of his children are now slowly being “awakened.” He mentions about how Heather Angelos is now active and he worries how long it will be before the rest of his children awaken.

Peter Shand takes very little time to draw you in and he sets up the stage for what looks to be an epic war. The characterization of Zeus was brilliantly done here! Portrayed as an absent father to his children and an observer of mankind, he considers the world a story and himself a constant reader.  The only thing I still want to know is why he would send his children out into the world to live their lives as mortals, and what will happen when they all start to remember exactly who they are.

The last panel pumps you up for issue one. I look forward to seeing what sides are taken and what kind of war will ensue between the gods, as well as what the ramifications towards Zeus will be for what he did to his children. Personally I can’t wait to see how Hercules will be introduced into all of this and what role he will play in the entire series. The art work by Jason Johnson compliments the amazing writing, a little cartoonish BUT it works for this book. The characters look as amazing in each of their flashbacks with scenes to match.


This book was the hugest pleasure to read. The art work made the panels and characters come to life as I read and the story gripped me until there was nothing left to read. This is a must read for any fans of Greek/Roman Gods. Even if your not a fan it’s worth the look into, trust me you wont regret giving GodStorm a try. Gods know I don’t…and I’m totally not just saying that to avoid being struck by lightening heh-heh (insert fake smile here).



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